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Rebold Funeral Home works with various casket suppliers to unsure you can select from a variety of metal, wooden, rental and cremation caskets. Plain and simple. Elaborate and elegant. Somewhere in between. The casket you select will be styled and designed as you determine and affordable for your budget.

In the funeral home, we have more than 30 offerings. We also have manufacturers catalogs available to be sure you have a greater choice of styles and colors to suit your tastes.


Cremation containers can be either made of wood or cardboard. They tend to have the appearance of traditional burial caskets. 

Cremation containers and caskets are consumed with the body during the cremation process.

Each wooden casket has it's own unique graining pattern. The natural warmth and beauty of wood is available in a variety of types and species. The interior material of a wood casket is typically either velvet or crepe.

The classification "hardwood" simply means that the wood comes from a leaf-bearing tree. "Softwood" comes from the needle or cone-bearing trees. Therefore, designation as a hardwood is not determined solely by the consistency or surface hardness of the wood itself, but the species of the tree from which it came. Cost can vary.

Many wood caskets are now constructed with veneer. These caskets are often more affordable than "solid" hardwood caskets. Many times, you cannot tell the difference between a solid hardwood and a veneer casket.

The majority of metal caskets available on the market today are known as "sealer" caskets. This terminology reflects that they are manufactured with a one-piece rubber gasket that runs around the inner lid of the casket.

Once closed, a locking mechanism draws the lids onto the base and the gasket forms a seal. This seal helps reduce the entrance of water, dirt and other gravesite elements into the casket interior.

Additionally,  some metal caskets utilize a sophisticated magnesium rust inhibitor process. Metal caskets are commonly manufactured in 20 and 18 gauge thickness. Interiors are tastefully coordinated in crepe to velvet allowing for a range of pricing to meet a wide variety of budget concerns.

Non-sealing type caskets are also available.

Stainless Steel is an alloy, a mixture of materials, which becomes rust resistant.

Stainless Steel caskets are becoming more common than Copper and Bronze because they are more affordable.

Most Stainless Steel caskets features  velvet interiors and highly polished brushed and painted finishes.

Copper and Bronze, semi-precious metal caskets. These have premium interior fabric selections. These caskets are typically the most expensive. Some are immediately available.  Others are special order and delivery only. 

Burial Vaults

Cremation Urns

Marble Urns are amongst the most durable on the market. In the hands of fine craftsman, marble urns can be shaped into very beautiful and unique designs. Available in both natural and cultured (man made) marble, both offer a permanent and solid form of memorialization.

Available in sheet bronze, spun bronze and cast bronze, few urns on the market can match the quality of this medium. The use of bronze is recognized as the standard of permanence and reverence in the funeral industry.

New models are appearing using the lost wax process and forged pieces. These can be of museum quality in their design and in their finish. The bronze urn is fast becoming known as the ultimate tribute

When choosing an urn to preserve the ashes of a loved one, metal urns demand serious consideration. Metal urns are resilient enough to retain their integrity when buried, and yet provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room in the home or in a memorial garden. In short, metal urns are multipurpose, being suitable for a variety of dual uses around the home and garden.


The Rebold Rosenacker & Sexton Funeral Home and Crematory offer a wide selection of Register Books. In the funeral home, we have a selection of several designs, for you to choose from.  These are just samples of what you might find.

We have many styles of prayer cards and memorial folders from you to chose to from. Our staff at Rebold Rosenacker & Sexton Funeral Home and Crematory can produce your personalized cards that brings special significance. These are samples of what we might offer to you.

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