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We strive to make our families and visitors feel comfortable while paying respects to their lost loved ones, and we make considerable efforts to maintain our focus on the high standards of service you expect. 

Whether you want simple services, an elaborate ceremony or no services at all;  whether you want ground burial, entombment, cremation or  inurnment;  isn’t it nice to know, you can make arrangements for all these services with us, at Rebold, Rosenacker & Sexton Funeral Home.

Rebold, Rosenacker & Sexton Funeral Home, a leader in local funeral service customs, was the FIRST funeral home in Western Cincinnati and Hamilton County to purchase and operate its own crematory facility.  There is no 3rd party transfer. Custody of the body does not change.  Usually, the same staff member who takes custody of your loved one when they die is the same person who  makes funeral arrangements with you,  carries out the cremation process and returns the ashes or cremains to you when procedure is completed. What a comfort that must be, knowing that everything is accomplished at one place.

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Online Tributes

If you cannot visit us in person, or if you wish to post a thoughtful message for other online visitors to read, please visit the Online Condolences: in this way you can still be with the family in thought by signing the online guestbook, expressing your condolences or sharing memories about the deceased.

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